GPS Vehicle Tracking System (VTS)

GPS Vehicle Tracker used to locate vehicle with the help of online software or smart phone. This device combines with a GSM and a GPS Module. The location of the vehicle is collected through GPS and this location data along with other information collected from the vehicle by using different sensors are sent to the central server. A GPRS enabled SIM card is used to communicate between the central server and the GPS Tracking Device. User can login to our online Vehicle Tracking application from their desktop computer or phone and the vehicle information can be viewed on electronic map.

Supported Devices

1) TK100

2) TK103

3) DG-Tracker

4) Smile

Major information about the vehicle received from GPS Vehicle Tracker

1) Vehicle Number

2) Date and Time

3) Vehicle Location

4) Speed

5) Altitude

6) Status (Stop/Moving etc.)

7) Fuel in tank (in %)

8) A/C on/off status

9) Odometer reading

10) Main battery voltage

11) Temperature inside the vehicle

12) Satellite in view

These information are saved to central server for the period of three months. So user can view history of any date within three months.

Technology used in GPS tracking unit

The GPS tracking device fits inside the vehicle dashboard and captures the GPS location information from satellite and other vehicle information from different sensors at regular intervals to a central server. Update intervals depends on the status of the vehicle. At moving condition the GPS tracking unit sends data to central server every minutes and at stop condition 15 minutes.

Features of Vehicle Tracking application

1) User can see vehicle location as well as various information on electronic map.

2) Set speed limit.

3) Generate various reports of individual vehicle.

4) Create Geofence and get SMS alert upon enter and exit from it.

5) Immobilize vehicle by sending command to GPS tracking unit.

6) Set different alarm condition get alert through SMS.

7) Full control over the GPS tracking device from vehicle tracking application.

8) Fleet management and fleet tracking

Reports generated through vehicle tracking application

  • Performance report i.e day wise total Km travelled, Over speed info etc.
  • Fuel consumption report in graphical format.
  • A/C on/off report
  • Geofencing report
  • History report to view data of any date within previous three months.
  • Performance report i.e day wise total Km travelled, Over speed info etc.
  • Detail report i.e raw report received from GPS tracking device
  • Stoppage report

Uses of Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle tracking systems are commonly used by fleet owners for fleet management functions such as fleet tracking and security of vehicle as well as driver. Other applications include monitoring driving behaviour, such as over speeding, driving through a wrong route, fuel theft etc.

Vehicle tracking systems can also be used in consumer vehicles as a theft prevention, monitoring and retrieval device. Police can follow the signal emitted by the vehicle tracking system and locate the stolen vehicle. When Vehicle Tracking System used as a security system, it may serve as either an addition to or replacement for a traditional car alarm. Our vehicle tracking systems make it possible to control vehicle remotely, including block doors or engine in case of emergency. The existence of GPS vehicle tracker can reduce the insurance cost, because the loss-risk drops significantly. Our vehicle tracking systems is integrated with several security systems like by sending an automatic alert to a phone if an alarm is triggered by pressing panic switch, main power removing or when it leaves or enters a geofence. GPS Vehicle Tracker also popular in trailer tracking, school bus tracking, ambulance tracking, cash carrying van tracking